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Low David Bowie LP

Low David Bowie LP

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This is the 45th Anniversary  orange vinyl edition on beautiful vinyl.

David Bowie's album "Low," released in 1977, was a significant departure from his previous work and marked a new direction in his musical career. There were several reasons why Bowie chose to create "Low" and explore a different artistic direction:

  1. Artistic experimentation: Bowie was known for his constant reinvention and artistic experimentation. After achieving tremendous success with albums like "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars" and "Young Americans," he sought to challenge himself creatively and push the boundaries of his music.

  2. Influences of electronic and ambient music: During this period, Bowie was heavily influenced by German electronic and ambient music, particularly the work of artists such as Kraftwerk and Brian Eno. He had been exposed to these genres while living in Berlin and collaborating with Eno on their "Berlin Trilogy" of albums. Bowie wanted to incorporate these experimental and synthesizer-driven sounds into his own music.

  3. Personal and emotional struggles: At the time of creating "Low," Bowie was going through personal and emotional challenges, including drug addiction and a troubled relationship. These difficulties influenced the album's introspective and somber tone, as well as its fragmented and abstract lyrical style.

  4. Departure from commercial expectations: Bowie was not interested in conforming to commercial expectations or repeating his past successes. He deliberately chose to create a more unconventional and avant-garde album that would defy expectations and challenge his audience. This artistic risk-taking demonstrated his commitment to artistic integrity and innovation.

  5. Collaborative spirit: Bowie's collaboration with Brian Eno played a crucial role in the creation of "Low." Eno's experimental approach to music and production techniques greatly influenced the album's sound. The collaboration allowed Bowie to explore new ideas and expand his musical horizons.

Overall, "Low" represented a pivotal moment in David Bowie's career, showcasing his willingness to take creative risks, incorporate new influences, and explore uncharted musical territories. The album's experimental nature and introspective themes have since made it a significant and highly regarded work in Bowie's discography.

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